Amateur joint-managers in harmony preparing for Church trip

Yorkshire Amateur joint-manager Casey O’Reilly revealed himself and Jake Boyd are “singing from the same hymn sheet” with their intentions for The Ammers.

The pair’s opening fixture in their new roles, an NCEL Premier division trip to Penistone Church, has been rearranged from Saturday to Wednesday afternoon, allowing for more time to prepare.

“We’ve not disagreed on anything really,” began O’Reilly. “We’ve both gone away and created our own ideas on things, for example, how we want to set up tomorrow night, how we want to set up for the season, instead of us coming together immediately and thrashing ideas about.

“When we came back together, we both had the same ideas. We had discussions on personnel and stuff like that, and it was shocking how what we both said was basically the same.

“So our first session, I felt the start of the session needed to be intense and at it, let the players know we’re here to get the most out of them. So I said to Jake I wanted to take that part of the session because I was passionate about it. Jake then wanted to do some shape work and he took over that.

“We’re both competent in a wide variety of things, as long as we achieve the pre-determined goals of A, B and C, then no matter who leads the session, we always get the same outcome.

O’Reilly and Boyd have previous, referring to a working relationship at Farsley Celtic Academy, and understand each other, says O’Reilly.

“It’s that level of trust, there’s got to be a compromise. If I said to Jake that there was something I was passionate about, we both respect each other enough to agree with the other’s opinions.

“There’s been times with the [Farsley Celtic Academy] 21s and 23s where we’ve has those discussions. The outcome has always been ‘I trust what you’re saying and we’ll run with it’.

“I’ve obviously worked with Jake for a little while now so I know him”.

Penistone prophecy

O’Reilly commented on the extended recovery time for his injured players following Saturday’s postponed fixture.

“We’ve got a couple of players coming back from injury [for Wednesday] so the squad’s looking better.

“We’ve [coaching team] done our research, know the levels [Penistone] are at and they’re the levels we need to bring. We’re adding this to our analysis.

“Me and Jake have had more time to discuss how we want to do things”.

Tomorrow’s kick-off is at 7:45pm at the Parker Roofing Memorial Ground.

Ticket prices for Penistone: Adults – £6, Concessions – £4, U14s – Free