Amateur sunk by second-half Knaresborough strikes.

Yorkshire Amateur were sunk by four second-half goals as Knaresborough docked into the Southerns Stadium on Saturday afternoon before leaving 5-0 victors.

[Photo – Sean Chandler]

Jake Rose’s penalty was the sole difference at half-time in the NCEL Premier. Gregg Anderson, Ewan Gregson, Phil Milsom and Cameron Bedford added to the score after the break.

Ammers’ new signings Asa Mitchell and Daniel Leafe both made debuts as second-half substitutes. Benjamin Quartey, Alfie Gibbon and Keanan Mannings all returned to the starting line-up.

The opening fifteen minutes tested the wide areas of the Southerns Stadium turf, from both sides, Ammers’ most notable delivery coming from the man wanting to be on the end of crosses, Toby Harris, aiming at Adam Fowler from the right but the ball met a Knaresborough man.

Alfie Wilkinson’s acrobatic half-volley at goal, side-on, denied by the parrying Tommy Brown was a result of Harris passing the baton onto the overlapping Quartey on the next crossing opportunity.

An even and quiet first half-hour was brought to life suddenly by the ref pointing to the spot for a Knaresborough penalty after Keanan Mannings brought down George Thewlis.

Jake Rose was on spot-kick duties and fired the ball into the bottom left-hand corner.

Cameron Bedford’s attempt from distance had Ford retreating to cover his goal and eventually watch it pass over his crossbar to ensure Ammers’ deficit remained at one after the first-half.

The second-half showed more promise than the first immediately from the initial few minutes, Luke Jones flicking the ball to goal with the back of his heel after a cross from Knaresborough’s right.

The visitor’s bright start was compounded by Gregg Anderson’s flicked-header into goal for their second, following a corner on 53 minutes.

The corner from the right was met by Anderson at the near post, looping the header over the Ammers’ ‘keeper, the ball dropping inside the far side-netting.

Claims for an Ammers penalty followed Fernandez’ introduction and immediate impact, weaving in from the right, through the Knaresborough defence to be grounded inside the box by an eventual challenge but the referee deemed it a fair tackle.

Knaresborough’s third was the pick of them, Ewan Gregson mirroring Wilkinson’s earlier bicycle kick but finding the far bottom corner this time.

The cross from the left, on top of the far touchline, was floated into Gregson’s occupied area but he had to shift his body, side-on to goal, to volley acrobatically back across goal and into the bottom corner.

The fourth quickly followed, another corner and Phil Milsom volleying in a much easier finish than Gregson’s, from close range.

Cameron Bedford scored the fifth from close range to complete the result.

Garforth’s visit to The Southerns Stadium on Tuesday 7th February is the perfect distraction for Ammers, kick-off 7:45pm.