Ammers blocked by late Worsbrough Bridge equaliser

Conceding a late equaliser diverted Ammers’ route to all three points at Worsbrough Bridge Athletic, the game reaching it’s destination with the score 1-1 in the NCEL Division One on Saturday afternoon.

Jack Viles’ penalty save blocked Worsbrough opening the scoring, saving low to his right to stop Harley Holt.

Ammers looked to have done enough to return home with all three points following Oscar Hines’ opener, a powerful effort from within the box.

Worsbrough levelled the score inside the final ten minutes through Kane Swinburn being first to a set-piece delivery from their left, needing just a glancing touch on the header from close-range.

Ousainey Juwara revamped Ammers’ side, Rio Korbel, Theju Kongolo and Wilfred Frimpong also in from the start. Bruce Fernando made the trip, beginning on the bench having been absent last week.

The opening ten minutes was stuck within the middle of the park, the ball holding up on the surface, denying any attempts to play on the floor.

Worsbrough, within home comforts, were first to wise up to it, looking over the top of Birama Diallo into Jack Appleyard, a diagonal pass from the half-way line, left-to-right from Conor Glavin sees him shoot across the turf in front of Viles who tipped round his post.

Frimpong worked a route to goal by turning Juninho Blake left then right before attacking the byline to cross but it’s blocked before it reaches Juwara or Bertrand in the box.

The ball’s trapped under feet within Ammers’ midfield, Worsbrough unlocking it and feeding Harley Holt between the two Ammers centre-halves. His chip over the outrushing Viles was eventually confirmed wide of the left-hand post when the net failed to ripple on the ball’s landing.

The threat in-behind reverted to a penalty on 25 minutes. Harley Holt attacked the inside of Diallo before being brought down. Viles’ impressive reputation further increased, however, by saving low to his right, parrying the initial effort before blocking the follow-up.

Juwara was in on goal with a like for like move, one aerial ball from Viles into  the forward and he’s in line with defender, former Ammer Kenneth Effah. The control with the knee pushed the ball onto his right foot, clear of the chasing defender to create space for the shot across goal, inches wide.

Juwara’s in down the left just minutes later, attempting to place his shot upon entering the box, low past Charlie Preston who’s able to get his left boot in to block of the shot.

Morton’s attempted back pass with his head dropped short, Viles forced into a save when Kane Swinburn got to the ball first, trying to poke the ball round the ‘keeper but for the stoppers’ legs.

Juwara’s header managed to flick on a free-kick which appeared not to have the strength to reach the box but the ball carries on ahead of Liam Parker at the back post but he’s shielded out of possession before the break.

Possession was immediately surrounding Worsbrough’s box after the restart, Frimpong cutting inside into space to shoot but dragging the shot across the turf to take out all of it’s pace.

Defending again the attack from the air, Morton’s moved out the way beside his own box via substitute Andy Horbury’s shoulder. The forward passed into the path of Glavin who’s shot was tipped over at Viles’ near post.

Ammers touched the inside of either net first to open the scoring, Oscar Hines putting the ball into it’s destination after Frimpong’s move down the left. The winger took the wide route down the left, reaching the byline before crossing with pace across the ground into Juwara, central. He couldn’t clear the ball from underneath his feet to shoot but Hines was fortunate in being placed right behind an attempted clearance, powering in past Preston’s left from close range.

Frimpong’s then given the ball to run one versus one against Preston. He’s caught up by the chasing defender by the time he reached the box but found Juwara to his right, shooting first-time, parried away to the ‘keeper’s left and into Bertrand who’s follow-up shot was also blocked.

Bertrand was next to favour from a misplaced pass, now running at the right-hand side of Worsbrough’s defence. Korbel is ahead of him and is set free behind the hosts’ defence but doesn’t make a strong connection on the first-time shot.

Worsbrough got level through Kane Swinburn meeting a set-piece first. Viles was dispossed when trying to catch a deflection inside his box, Parker clearing but only wide-right of his own box. Fin Wade refrained from the foul at first but was led into forcing over the forward in possession. The delivery targeted the space between ‘keeper and defenders, where Swinburn had attacked to get enough of a touch on it to beat Viles.

Worsbrough substitute Alex Hutchinson quickly realised where the space was in the final ten minutes, attacking Diallo’s side on several occasions but without finding equal threat in the middle of the box.

Ammers looked to repeat the feat of travelling the ball into the box in their chase of the winner, following on from Frimpong’s success for the opener but upon reaching the byline the ball was cleared from their feet.

The referee then brought the game to it’s destination to give Ammers another point on their road to safety.

Ammers return home on Saturday against bottom-side Ollerton Town.