Ammers’ slow restart sees Wombwell capitalise

Two goals in the first five second-half minutes eventually lit the touchpaper at The Southerns Stadium, in favour of the visitors in a fast-paced encounter before Ammers’ two red-cards facilitated a 5-0 defeat to Wombwell in the NCEL Division One.

Both ‘keepers, Jack Viles and Jonathan Davis tamed the firepower in the first-half, the two sides creating warnings but level at half-time.

Freddie Swales’ sending off at 2-0 down further depleted Ammers’ probability before Ethan Kachosa’s later dismissal further depleted the hosts.

Kachosa returned to the starting line-up, promoted from the bench from last Saturday, Rio Korbel taking his place amongst the substitutes alongside Kaiden Cheetham.

If Marcel Chigumira showed short, Birama Diallo was the favourite in-behind and the forward hooked the ball 180 degrees into the winger’s run. The shot came as quick as his feet, confirmed wide only as it blocks out the white of the post as it passes by it.

Bruce Fernando put a lot of trust in Chigumira with his pass into his target man but the forward defied the odds, not only controlling the pass, then beating two as his continued his run down the left. The ball entered the box with a pass into Kachosa who’s touch was loose in the compact area.

The fast pace was countered by both ‘keepers, first Davis denying Diallo cutting inside onto his weaker left-foot, unable to get power or direction behind the shot. Viles then got enough on Rhys Plater’s low shot from just yards out, the ball forced under Viles’ body but then cleared by Jonathan Daniel.

Edward Agnew was constantly on the shoulder of either Ammers centre-half, Liam Parker or Theju Kongolo, watching a direct ball over his head fall onto his left foot, unfortunately, hitting too far under the ball and over the fencing behind the goal.

Davis would have had no chance had Diallo hit the target from on top of the penalty spot, falling back as he shot over.

Louis Wardle had the most success for Wombwell in the opening half-hour from deep, replicating his earlier strike from space beyond the edge of the box, having retained the ball following his volley inside the box being parried to Viles’ left just moments earlier.

Agnew reached a low delivery, even with his head to flick to the near post but Ammers had the zone covered in their set-piece instructions.

Diallo kept up the pace down the left, Fernando supporting Chigumira central but from a deeper position and he’s ignored, choosing to turn instead followed by a low shot into the near side netting.

The target man was having a lot of success facing up his defenders, likewise Diallo. The former knocked the ball infield from the left, between two defenders to tee himself up from the edge of the box but again it’s not made Davis move.

If Diallo’s not stretching the bame, Fernando is but the target ball is too far ahead for the chaser before Davis collected.

Wombwell made use of all the time allowed before the break, Craig Nelthorpe’s free-kick curling towards Viles’ top right-hand corner before the ‘keeper pushed away wide. An immediate delivery reignited the threat, Wombwell appearing to get a touch on the cross but it’s too fine to beat Viles.

The opening goal was marked down in the third minute of the second-half on our regard, Eddie Agnew attacking the space inside the box from a cross for the visitors. With Wombwell’s speed of attack intending to isolate Ammers’ defence, there was enough space inside the box to place a delivery from the right, Agnew running onto the ball with a side-footed finish which gave Viles little chance from such close distance.

Two minutes later, Wombwell’s second epitomised the game, Agnew first to reach a ball in-behind Ammers’ defence. The Wombwell forward, with Kongolo is close proximity, could only poke the ball to goal, blocked by Viles but the rebound was passed beyond the downed ‘keeper.

On 58 minutes, Ammers were behind in personnel, too, Swales dismissed for a late challenge.

The impact was Jordan Kershaw attacking Ammers’ defence three again three, Plater and Agnew in support either side, Kershaw running right along the edge of the box before shooting back across goal and wide.

Agnew’s hat-trick came just after the half-hour. A near post header met a corner from the right.

Jason Paling advancing from right full-back evened the numbers when Wombwell attacked, Ammers maintaining a threat in-behind the wide areas through Bertrand. On this occasion on the right, should the pass have been accurate he wouldn’t have been forced wide and the threat been neutralised.

Both Ammers wingers combined as Wade was attracted to the ball on the opposite flank, found in the right half-space of the box but facing outward, his right-foot when shooting on the half-turn didn’t wrap round the ball enough to angle the ball on target.

Kachosa’s second yellow on 74 minutes, with Ammers three down, was reacted to by simply reducing Ammers’ numbers in defence to refrain from further impacting their firepower.

Wombwell countered this three versus two, Liam Parker tracking Kershaw’s run along the edge of the box until the shot, blocking with his boot.

To top it all off, the fourth came from the centre-circle. Gadhafi Kiwanuka caught Viles out of position, shooting immediately when possession was returned to Wombwell in midfield.

There was still time for a fifth, harsh on Viles after an impressive initial save from yards out, Gareth McDermott placing the rebound beyond the ‘keeper’s reach to his left, bottom corner.

The opening of Ammers’ final ten league fixtures is a visit of fellow relegation rivals Athersley Recreation on Saturday 9th March, 3pm kick-off.