Ex-Leeds United, Doncaster Rovers coach to teach ‘new school’ lessons as new Farsley u23s assistant

Farsley Celtic Academy have appointed UEFA B licence coach and Philosophy in Football PHD student Nathan Wyspianski as u23s assistant coach who is already revising the Celts’ reserve team on psychology ahead of their trip to Ilkley, tonight.

The new assistant was at Doncaster Rovers academy when they dispanded their u23s side, previously at Leeds United academy and currently balances roles at Farsley with Bradford City academy.

“According to the 2012 YPD model, adulthood is from at least 21-years-old,” began Wyspianski. “This is where we need to make sure these players are performing consistently, making sure their mental and physical components are right.

“There’s something called ‘communal language’ on the decision-making in sport.

“These three players [in training] for the 23s, they were defending as a three but pressing one at a time. I said ‘use a trigger word’ [to all press]. It could be ‘squeeze’. It’s the terminology to help the player make the right decision.

“Football is becoming more psychological. You’ve got to be able to communicate, you’ve got to understand a philosophy, you’ve got to develop players that can solve as many problems on the pitch themselves as possible”.

“I’ve done a thesis on Behaviour Management; I did my masters on how a child’s mind works.

“I hate the word ‘drill’. I call everything ‘practice’ now.

Marcelo Bielsa was Wyspianski’s teacher when the new u23s assistant coached at Leeds United’s academy.

“[When he came in] there was a change in social and technical strategy. We had to teach the Bielsa way.

The former scout has a portfolio of personnel as well as his philosophy.

“There was some ex-pro academy players, played for the likes of Grimsby, Burton Albion.

A relationship, of Wyspianski’s, that graduated into him coaching his friend’s child, led to his recommendation to Academy Director Lutel James.

“I want to build rapport with the players on a level where I can help their personal lives as well as being footballers. This is why I like this football education side and helping people.

Ilkley Town AFC host Wyspianski’s debut in the u23s dugout this evening at Ben Rhydding Sports Club in the West Riding FA Development Premier, 8pm kick-off.