Opposition analysis: Goole AFC

Members of both Yorkshire Amateurs’ and Goole AFC’s coaching staff will reunite tomorrow afternoon when the two sides meet in the NCEL Premier, Mark Maspero and Leon Sewell respectively, having worked together on the same coaching team at Hall Road Rangers.

Ammers’ representative Maspero explains his pre-match thoughts prior to opposing Sewell again after several previous meetings in opposite dugouts, also.

“[Sewell] likes to play attacking football, he likes to play football the right way,” explained Maspero.

“He likes to build out from the back, likes flair players and exciting football.

“[At Hall Road] we were going through a period of transition. They were struggling financially. With that and the emergence of Beverley, they lost a lot of players.

“They had a good youth system so they were relying a lot on youth players to step up. It was a case of bedding in the young players and coaching them to see how they did in that league”.

Forward Chris Spinks recently rejoined Sewell by signing at Goole from Barton Town. All three men, including Maspero, worked together at Hall Road.

“[Spinks] will score a goal if you give him time and space,” began Maspero. “He’s technically very good, he’ll drop into pockets and pick the ball up and connect the play and he knows where the back of the net is.

“Ollie [Russon] is a very athletic and tidy footballer. He’ll run all day, he’ll press, he’ll bring the ball out of midfield and attack players.

“Joel Spence can pass, he’s very assured. He’ll probably sit and dictate from deeper.

“It’s all about recruitment and the players you bring in. He has brought in some very attacking players, a couple of older heads. He’s starting to put a good attacking side together. I think he’s trying to put a bit of experience and add a few goals to compliment his good younger players”.

Goole have arranged a ‘pay what you want’ scheme for fans’ entry for tomorrow’s fixture at the Victoria Pleasure Grounds stadium, allowing fans to individually select their entry fee.