Yorkshire Amateur providing one-to-one coaching sessions

  • Simplifying your game
  • Replicating the intensity of matches
  • Achieving the right mentality

Yorkshire Amateur AFC’s new one-to-one coaching sessions for aspiring footballers of all ages are being led by former professionals, current semi-professional footballers Kwame Boateng & Niah Payne.

Boateng & Payne, currently of Alfreton Town & Stafford Rangers respectively, know what levels are required to reach the professional game, Boateng having made his debut at Bradford City whilst Niah Payne’s senior career began at Peterhead.

“You need the right mentality,” begins Payne who, having decided to leave Bradford’s Academy to join Peterhead, immediately secured his first professional appearance, scoring on debut.

“I had to adapt a lot, it was a different style of play, and moving away. But I was focused, having made the move I knew I had to make the most of my experience. I knew being an attacker I had to make an impact either through goals, assists or creating and I ended up scoring.

“Pros dedicate themselves, doing the extra stuff. Do your usual session but if you notice a weak point, work harder on it after training”.

Boateng recalls his mentality leading up to his professional debut, having found out in ‘shape’ the day before that he will feature for The Bantams against Stoke City. Simplifying his game is a mental strategy he still uses to this current season. Further on in his career, Boateng signed for Sheffield Wednesday, now shoulder-to-shoulder with premier league experience.

“[For professionals] Everything’s sharp, even in training when doing unopposed passing, everything they’re doing is to the best of their ability – that’s the level it takes” Boateng concludes. They already know what they’re going to do before they receive the ball”.

Intent to provide players with a rounded education of football is supported by Payne’s experience leading strength & conditioning practice alongside the pair’s playing experience, drawing from it components such as the heightened pace of first-team football. Payne is now entering his third season coaching one-to-one sessions, previous clients including professional & semi-professional players.

“In academies, you learn a lot of tactical and technical elements, but if you make a mistake in senior football, you will get punished,” preaches Payne. “Once you get into first-team football, all that matters is three points.

“Intensity, during coaching sessions, must be high to replicate the change going from 16s/18s moving into the first-team. The senior game’s a lot faster, so if you’re taking a touch, you need to know where you’re going to pass it before you receive the ball.

“From our playing history, we’ve seen different positions. As an attacker, I know a lot about what defenders don’t like. You get experience of being in a position and playing against positions.

“We’re working on getting fitness plans, gym plans. You have to be all-rounded. Football is about being fit, strong & powerful. Being technically good and being able to implement that in games by being strong”.

“We’re getting to know our clients’ individual strengths & weaknesses,” Boateng adds. A lot of the coaching is position based”.

For information on how to sign-up, please email: info@ammers.co.uk