Ammers one point from safety after victory over Glasshoughton

The point difference now down to one in the battle for NCEL Division One safety as Ammers capitalised on a strong hold of possession with a single second-half strike, winning 1-0 during the visit of relegation rivals Glasshoughton Welfare.

Liam Parker, reverted from centre-half to centre-forward at half-time, changed the outlook between the third and fourth bottom sides in Division One at The Southerns Stadium with his 73rd-minute finish.

He was one of four changes to those who started in the defeat at Retford United on Wednesday. Bruce Fernando, Jonny Daniels and Finn Wade too lined up for the hosts.

It was almost much more comfortable. Kaiden Cheetham was denied the opener inside 2 minutes, rather floating an effort onto the far, left-hand post. It was his second attempt, Ammers’ fourth in quick succession due to a pinball effect inside Glasshoughton’s box also gave Kadeem Morton and Finn Wade opportunities. Left-footed, the Ammers forward appearing to benefit from a weak connection, the ball floating across goal, eventually dropping against the top of the upright.

Wade was too quick down the right for his support in the middle, twice but on the second delivery he got fortunate from the failed clearance, Daniels first to the ball with a lunge of his head forward but Juanma Alvarez was well positioned to catch     .

Boyd was given plenty of time with the ball and Wade was again the outlet. The width appeared to be Glasshoughton’s achilles heel with no room afforded behind or infront of their back line.

Joshua Winn was in between the Ammers’ centre-halves, efficiency at it’s best. The Glasshoughton’s  sole forward advanced himself in possession and ran onto a single pass in-behind, one-on-one with Viles but the lack of touches to this point appeared to result in a lack of sharpness, Viles smothering the space between the two opponents and parrying the shot away to his right.

Winn was free again on the far post on 30 minutes but it’s a stretch, the contact slight, taking the ball over the top.

After a less threatening period for Ammers, Diallo went and collected the ball himself, deeper, Bruce Fernando’s sliding challenge blocking Glasshoughton through the middle. Diallo attacked the space out wide, moving the ball forward to Cheetham with an attempt at returning the favour, the ball forced behind.

Diallo benefitted again for his efforts, the resulting set-piece played short and Dialo overlapping Cheetham along the edge of the box with space to shoot, pushed away by Alvarez diving to his right.

Liam Parker cut out the middle man from a following corner just minutes later, attacking the aerial ball at the near post with a header, the ball failing to curl inwards enough to alter standings before the final ten minutes of the half.

Sean Hunter was the outlet to Winn’s left, a direct ball through the middle again moments before half-time. Ammers’ recovering defenders put on the pressure, a first-time effort dragged across the grass and across goal, wide.

Wade still had space after the break but now he had a target centrally with Parker moved from centre-half to centre-forward but despite the forward’s lunge he couldn’t get his head onto the delivery across the 6-yard line.

For all the efforts from Ammers towards physicality looking to dominate, Fernando’s speed when recovering counter attacks was again required, protecting his back line, sliding in to retain possession.

Wade’s wasted effort yards from goal came to him quick, Cheetham’s shot deflected inside the box towards the right channel, the far touchline rushing Wade’s shot, sliced on the outside of his right boot.

Glasshoughton were forced wide for the first twenty minutes of the restart, crosses coming from either side before Winn reappeared one-v-one against Boyd. The Ammers centre outpaced the forward, however, running the ball wide.

It was speed that eventually devised Ammers’ lead on 73 minutes after struggling to break down Glasshoughton for the majority share of this match, Liam Parker left alone with a tap-in at the far post. Hitting Parker direct into his chest from the defence, Glasshoughton were then open to Ammers’ erray of pacey forwards, the ball moved down the left channel of the box into Ralph Bertrand who accelerated towards the touchline, into enough space to drill a cross along the six-yard line to Parker to tap-in.

Desperation set in for the visitors inside the final six minutes of normal times, neglecting his pace and targeting Winn with several aerial balls instead, meeting the first one well after it was perfectly aimed over Boyd. There was no angle on the effort, either side of Viles.

Frimpong almost extended the lead as he rounded Alvarez but the touch took him too wide to shoot. The cut back was loose, also before the referee had spotted his linesman’s flag raised.

Glashoughton’s frustrations continued and risking more bodies forward, Bertrand was set free behind their defence to run the whole of Glasshoughton’s half. Pushing the ball onto his right, the shot was clear of the bar.

Fortunes continued in Ammers’ favour with the full-time whistle confirming a repeat result on Wednesday could mean they are clear of the drop zone.

Worsbrough Bridge are the visitors in four days time.