Retford United out of reach of Ammers

Where Ammers had been so successful four days prior, Retford United proved why they’re currently the highest ranked team in DN22, finding gaps in Ammers’ defence atleast enough times to run out 3-0 victors at Cannon Park on Wednesday evening.

Through attacking intent, Retford led in the NCEL Division One fixture from 12 minutes through Sam Finlaw, extended on 28 minutes by Danny Deakin, then completed on 53 minutes by Adam Chapman.

Ammers’ line-up had just one difference, Ethan Kachosa replacing Monroe Sternberg who dropped to the bench.

Retford were intent immediately on keeping base inside Ammers’ half, immediate direct balls into either the strength of Liam Owen or speed of wingers Danny Deakin and Josh Nodder.

Within a few minutes, a first-time side-footed, therefore presumably aimed clearance from Owen Fieldsend, targeted space down the left, Danny Deakin missing, allowing Boyd to reach the ball first, closely followed by Liam Owen. Owen nicked possession but Boyd was supported by recovering defenders inside Ammers’ box, forcing Owen’s pass back to edge of the box to Sam Finlaw shooting first-time to be tipped over.

Marcel Chigumira did enough with a clearance from Ammers’ own half to lay the ball to Ralph Bertrand who attacked the left touchline but was dispossessed on his travels.

An intelligence, back-heel turn by Alistair Haydock’s created space centrally against Ammers’ low block, shooting immediately with his right-foot, Viles forced to run the ball out of touch as part of his save.

The third warning in the opening 12 minutes from similar position was the first breakthrough, Sam Finlaw again the instigator. Holding a deeper position than his teammates crowded inside Ammers’ box, the ball dropped to him just right of centre, the right-footed strike bending several yards outward into the top corner beyond Viles’ reach.

Ethan Kachosa collected Retford’s return into opposition half, a first-time pass ahead into Birama Diallo infield. That allowed Kachosa space to run into wide and received the ball back on the right. Chigumira is ignored ahead of him, Kachosa instead inverting his run before playing through Diallo into the box who sliced his right-footed shot with the outside of his boot.

Without much possession for the open twenty minutes isn’t always a bad thing for Ammers and Birama Diallo who got ahead of Retford left full-back Fieldsend when the ball was sent from the centre. Chigumira’s run beyond was found this time, his first touch taking him too wide and then overcompensating, dug his foot well under his shot.

The Ammers forward did find the target moments later when an Ammers free-kick was cleared to him on the edge of the box but with the static crowd in the box leaves no gaps for the ball to run through.

Haydock’s overhead kick from Owen’s cross projected high into the air, comfortable for a Viles catch.

Morton misjudged the aerial ball forward, wide to the right and Retford were behind Ammers’ defence, two versus two, entering the box. The cross kept the pace quick, a first-time delivery but Kachosa reached it just, sliding toward his own goal, Viles having to be as quick to react with his left foot to block.

On the counter, Bertrand took the mantle of the wide outlet for Ammers then, finally succumbing to the two-man pressure.

Ammers succumbed to Retford’s second from Danny Deakin’s header from a corner on 28 minutes. The delivery from the right was glanced into the far side netting.

Initiated from the opposite side, ten minutes later, Owen, on top of the penalty spot, diverted a header straight at Viles.

Chigumira needed speed and then strength to accompany his solo run down the right, a shoulder into Adam Chapman clearing his path into the box. The ball was forced back to the edge where Kaiden Cheetham, although rushed, connected cleanly, Daniel Haystead quick down to his right, unable to hold initially. But he kept the two-goal lead safe into the break.

The third disrupted a stagnant opening eight minutes of the second half, Adam Chapman again from distance. A period divided by two injuries to Retford players, from the second, the free-kick delivery was sent into Ammers box, cleared only to Chapman on the edge, shooting first-time, straight past Viles’ left.

Kachosa’s touch exemplified Ammers’ ability to withhold possession in the final twenty minutes as they spread play but it wasn’t replicated in his delivery from the right, landing beyond the touchline past the far post.

Ammers were to struggle keeping up the pressure whilst a man down for the final eight minutes of normal time following Wilfred Frimpong’s sinbin. With Ammers’ personnel depleted, the familiar pattern of play from last Saturday’s visit to Retford reappeared.

Bruce Fernando could well have won best goal of the night, taking the award home with Ammers had his overhead kick dropped quicker than it did. A corner from the right was met just beyond the penalty spot, back to goal but intelligently diverted goalward, dissapointingly clear of Haystead’s bar.

Retford’s sheet remained clean come full-time, Ammers with two days to regroup ahead of Glasshoughton’s visit and closing the gap between those two sides to just one.

Tickets for Glasshoughton Welfare’s visit: Adults – £6, Concessions – £4, U16s – £2.50