Ammers U18s’ league cup winners set for newly-formed u21s side

Yorkshire Amateur u18s finished their junior careers off with a league cup title, set-up with a new target of u21s football within Ammers, beginning next season.

U18s manager Tristan Spellacy’s journey with Ammers began at u7s, entering his son into a team alongside some of the current squad, never intending to coach the side into senior football.

The u21s side was announced in front of u18s’ players and parents during a presentation following their final league fixture.

“What was particularly nice this season, whilst a lot of other teams have folded at u18s, we’ve got a good core of players who’ve stuck with us,” began Spellacy.

“It was fantastic playing in front of a big crowd and getting the trophy so I’m really pleased for them to get to u18s and get a trophy.

“We have won a few bits as we’ve gone through the age groups but kids come and go”.


Richard Smith announced the confirmation that he will be managing the u21s next season, addressing players and parents following the u18s’ final league fixture last week.

Spellacy was approached by Smith to work alongside him to head the coaching of the u21s.

“I’m not saying yes, I’m not saying no,” stated Spellacy.

“I did say I’m happy to help out in terms of the future plans, in regards to the junior section.

“There are opportunities there [for the players]. It’d be great if they can get an opportunity with Ammers to go to that next level because, although not all of them, there are a few that want to go to that level.

“From the group I’ve got, I can see a few of them going to university and into jobs but I do know some of them want to go higher into semi-pro football.

“From a junior side perspective, there seems like there’s more opportunity for the players to bridge that gap”.

Final fixture

Defeat on the final day of their league campaign meant the u18s are relying on other results if they are to win the double.

“That final third, we had the lion’s share of good attacking opportunities and we just wasn’t quite at it with that final ball or getting the shot off,” explained Spellacy.

“I don’t know why it was – whether it was the pressure of the game or because we’d played Thursday night and the lads were a little tired.

“I think it was quite a harsh result, a draw was probably fair but they took their chance and we didn’t.

Spellacy’s intention was never to get into coaching when he signed his son with Ammers twelve years ago as an u7.

“I only took the team because my lad wanted to play and enjoy it and I got involved from there. It wasn’t my intention to do the coaching. I ended up getting more and more involved, took the team on and it spiralled from that.

“It’s gone from that to taking them all the way through. I’m very proud because they’re a good group and for so many of them to stick with it, it’s been a great achievement.

Yorkshire Amateur will be announcing details of their u21s side shortly.