“As we saw them line-up we changed it a little” – Neil Ross’ post-match reaction: Alwoodley 0-5 U23s

Neil Ross adjusted the team system in reaction to the opening minutes of play in the U23s’ 5-0 win over Alwoodley on Monday night in their final pre-season friendly.

“At first [the plan] was to play Louis and Wilfred a bit wider,” began Ross, “play Reggie through the middle on his own but as we saw them line-up we changed it a little, played Wilfred in the middle and played a front two.

“They had a 17 who was a holding midfield role, he was getting on the ball so we had to get another man in there in Wilfred and get him on to him and bring Reggie and Louis up top closer together”.

There was a better tactical understanding throughout the team, according to the manager.

“I think we looked back to where we have been last season.

“The whole of the back three didn’t play last year, the wing-backs didn’t play last year so it’s only Mitch and Keano who have played that formation, and obviously Reg and Louis up top – you can see they’re slowly getting it.

“Kenneth did really well in there, he organised really well so I think that was a missing piece we’ve not had the last couple of games. So overall, pleased”.

The schedule ahead for the U23s is completely on the training pitch now until the start of the season which is expected to be in two weeks.

“We’ve got no more games now until the start of the season but we still don’t know when that is, still waiting for the fixtures to be released so they’ll be in training Wednesday and in training Monday, Wednesday next week and hopefully the season will be starting the week after.”