Da Costa’s double secures point by the seaside.

Scarborough Athletic 2-2 U16S

Filey Community Sports Club

JPL North-East & Yorkshire U16 Whites Cup

Saturday 17th April, 1pm kick-off

Miguel Da Costa’s 2 goals secured a point for the U16s drawing 2-2 with Scarborough Athletic but it was almost all 3.

Da Costa first controlled a cross from the opposite wing from Yonas Melake, beat his man down the right of the box and shot hard into the far post.

His second he controlled well a mis-timed header from a defender, leaving the Farsley winger one-on-one before passing the ball past the ‘keeper’s left and into the net.

Da Costa was involved again in a number of late chances, linking with Kyrell Kavanagh, Oliver Grzelak and Gianluca Ferullo but neither found the net.

Just after 10 minutes and Scarborough took the lead. A throw-in from the right was not dealt with by Amari Smith on the penalty spot, which left it to a waiting forward to poke in.

Two minutes later and Scarborough threatened again, breaking down the right. The forward looked to have beaten Aeren Pink but he recovered, turning 180 degrees and sticking a foot on the ball with the forward just outside the box.

From then on till 25 minutes, Farsley were doing well to get tight to their opposition, keeping a high defence to force wasteful long balls in behind from Scarborough.

It was at this point when Farsley & Da Costa began showing what they could do. The winger shifted the ball from his left foot to his right with two touches, knocking the ball ahead of him into space at the same time. His cross had good height but a tall defender met it at the near post, heading clear.

Two minutes later and Kavanagh wasn’t giving up on a long-ball and gets rewarded when he nods the ball past his defender. He has space down the right of the box and shoots to the far post but its an easy save in the end.

A minute after, on 29 minutes, Eloi Nyom’s flick-header inside box after a pass from the left, finds Da Costa. Inside the right of the box, the winger moves the ball onto his right-foot, away from the defender and creating space before shooting hard in the far bottom corner.

Scarborough were next to shoot, with 5 minutes of the first-half remaining. A loose ball fell to a Scarborough man on the edge of the box but shooting first time, he sliced it well wide.

Farsley almost took the lead in rapid time when Kavanagh and Grzelak played a quick one-two with the former receiving the ball back central inside the box. The pass was weighted perfectly as, one-on-one, Kavanagh beat the outrushing ‘keeper to the ball, poking it underneath the no.1 but there wasn’t enough strength to the shot and a covering defender cleared.

Scarborough went close to taking the lead into half-time themselves when in added-time, Hudson was beaten to a long-ball ball behind his defence and was chipped before the ball dropped back to the forward. The Scarborough forward shot first-time but Smith deflected the ball over the bar at the last minute.

Eloi Nyom began the second-half brightly, putting on a show with three consecutive step-overs before eventually playing through Grzelak down the left. The resulting cross hit the first man and deflected for a corner.

Da Costa had his second within 10 minutes of the restart.

A mistake from Scarborough’s centre-half as he headed the ball high but back behind himself – and the waiting Da Costa. The winger anticipated the move well, eventually controlling the falling ball well to position himself one-on-one with the ‘keeper before passing to the no.1’s left and giving Farsley the lead.

An attempted clearance from Melake, on 55 minutes, only reached the edge of the box. The Scarborough forward controlled and then shot on the half-turn, just wide with Hudson at full-stretch.

Farsley replied quickly with a Melake corner finding Khalid Abdelaziz at the back post but he couldn’t direct goalwards.

Farsley then failed to clear the ball, it being picked up by a Scarborough forward who rounded Hudson. An open goal to aim at, covering defenders did enough to narrow the angle as the forward could only find the side netting.

Scarborough did level a minute after the hour mark.

A ball into the box wasn’t dealt with by any defender and it was poked home from close range.

Da Costa continued to threaten with 10 minutes remaining. He cut inside from the left, past one defender before passing to Kavanagh. The forward cut inside himself, from the right to the edge of the box before shooting hard but straight at the ‘keeper.

Kavanagh again cut inside just a few minutes later, after a long-ball forward. It bounced nicely for a clean shot but again it was aimed straight at the ‘keeper.

Gianluca Furello and Grzelak both had chances to win the game, in added-time.

First, Furello moved the ball onto his right foot, fooling his marker and creating space but the ‘keeper was unmoved by the shot.

Secondly, Grzelak passed behind the defence, aimed at Da Costa inside the right of the box but there was too much power on ball.

Scarborough almost won it themselves by breaking down the right all the way into box, the forward shifting right, then left before right again and with space, shooting and it was only deflected wide the legs of Hudson.

The U16s visit Team 780 in the JPL North-East & Yorkshire U16 Whites Cup, Saturday 24th April, 11am kick-off.