Match report: U16s quick to earn first victory on JPL opening day

Max Broadie scored twice as fast Farsley attacks finished their opening JPL matchday with a 6-1 victory vs Brighouse Town on Saturday morning.

Five second-half Farsley goals earned three points after Luca Ferullo’s penalty equalised as the final kick of the first-half.

Brighouse Town had pressed into a 4th minute lead at their Yorkshire Payments Stadium.

Farsley’s own high-press was clear on 4 minutes when Kieron Murthoo-Williams won the ball back halfway in Brighouse’s half. His pass left to Broadie was too far ahead of the forward, however.

Brighouse took the lead seconds later after a double save by Mallinder still wasn’t enough.

An apparent cross from the right instead flew at the Celts’ ‘keeper who pushed the ball away across goal. The follow-up seconds later from the same side was again saved but pushed into a forward inside the box who this time put the ball out of the reach of Mallinder, into the bottom left corner.

Keiron Murthoo-Williams hooked a left-footed pass from the half-way line, coming short after Farsley were passing out of defence, finding Ferullo who controlled behind the defence before attempting to chip the ‘keeper who tracked back to his line to catch.

Broadie’s Cryuff turn cutting in from the left moved him away from the defender to curl the ball to the far post but wide.

The two wingers joined Ferullo in remaining high and the trio combined as centre-forward Ferullo flicked a direct ball into Broadie’s feet. Held up on the edge of the box, he passed to his right into Murthoo-Williams. He shifted the ball down the right of the box before shooting over the bar.

Maleka’s acceleration to constantly break out midfield was another press-beating strategy and on 28 minutes he reached the right of the box before crossing to Broadie at the far post but the forward couldn’t divert the ball enough goalwards.

Brighouse still threatened, first being denied at the last second on the edge of the box as Alfie Catterall jumped to block the shot. A free-kick from the half-way line minutes later bounced past all Farsley defenders, almost connecting with the stretching Brighouse forward one-on-one at the far right post.

Broadie, positioned on the last man again, was one v one with Brighouse’s left full-back on 35 minutes after receiving a direct ball. Forced down the line, Broadie crossed to Ferullo who shifted his body, side to goal, to hook the ball goalwards and forcing a quick low save by the ‘keeper to push the ball away.

Maleka’s dribbling was evident again in first-half added-time, this time down the left. His final touch in the box was heavy allowing the ‘keeper to reach the ball first, deflecting it off Maleka into Jaures Ngongue who’s shot looking for the far-right post was wide.

A penalty was awarded to Farsley after Broadie won the race against the ‘keeper to a direct pass down the left of the box.

Luca Ferullo went right, the ‘keeper the opposite, levelling the score with the final kick of the half.

Forward Ferullo was in behind again three minutes after the break, chipping the keeper but also the bar, narrowly.

Richy Bamba’s interception on his own box then halted a 2v2 situation on the right of the Celts’ defence.

The lead was Farsley’s on 55 minutes with Broadie completing a turnaround.

Second-half substitute Rafael Matzinhe found Broadie inside the box who shot low across goal into bottom left corner just out of reach of the diving ‘keeper.

Broadie’s pace on the counter broke Farsley through the centre before the forward found the lonely Maleka to his right inside the box. The midfielder cut inside onto his left but his shot was straight at the ‘keeper.

Brighouse build up on the left on 64 minutes was forced backwards, 30-yards out before the shot to the far top corner went over.

Farsley’s press was beaten by a direct ball flicked onto the right-wing. Cutting inside onto his left, the low hard cross into the box is ahead of all advancing forwards and rolls away to the touchline.

Broadie thought he had all but sealed the victory with just under ten minutes to play. Murthoo-Williams’ through ball down the right-wing put Broadie one on one before finding the far bottom corner but the ref pulled play back for offside.

Farsley’s third followed just several minutes later, Broadie repaying Matzinhe’s earlier assist.

Broadie’s cut back from the right found Matzinhe on the spot who carried the ball on its path left but diverting it goalwards into the bottom corner.

Broadie’s second, Farsley’s fourth followed the following minute.

The forward was one on one inside the box, shooting across goal into the bottom right corner.

A third Farsley goal in six minutes added the Celts’ fifth on 77 minutes.

Substitute Abdi Darood, on the edge of the box, shifted the ball onto his right, shooting quickly and powerfully over the ‘keeper.

Another goal, with again the last kick of the half, saw substitute Jason Gomes on the scoresheet.

Gomes benefitted from a loose ball on the goal line to tap in.

Guiseley are being hosted by the U16s in their next fixture in the JPL Cup group 41, Saturday 18th September.